50% Off is currently on it's first season. There are plans to create a second season, although it will be a long wait before it's release.

To watch the first season so far click here

In addition, for every episode (except the prologue) there is a bonus episode containing cut material and bloopers. (Bonus Episode 1 goes with Episode 2: Late for Anime School.) You can watch all of the bonus episodes here . If you want to see all videos relating to 50% off, click here to view the creator Octopimp's 50% Off playlist.

Season 1 Episode ListEdit

Episode Number

Episode Name                                                              
1 Prologue

Late for Anime School

3 Breaking and Entering
4 Taking the Fall
5 Extracurricular
7 Headgames With Haru
8 So Hot But So Crazy
9 Dream Journal
10 Usurper
11 The Flyin' Hawaiian
12 Solid Right Cross
13 Team Screaming Exercise
14 Only God Can Judge
15 Probably Just A Typo
16 Dirt Brain
17 Bad Blood
18 Washing The Failure Off