"Wait, we're on a swim team? I thought this show was about drugs or something." - Haru

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Season 1, Episode 9
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Release Date March 19, 2014
Episode Length 5:31
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So Hot But So Crazy Usurper

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Nagisa approaches Rei who tells him that he has no interest in associating with him. Nagisa brings the entire team with him to watch Rei vault during track practice. He then waits for Rei after school however he is turned down once again. After Makoto and Haru encourage him to invite Rei onto the swim team and after realizing he'll get to see him in various states of undress, Nagisa agrees.

Gou gets them a joint practice with Samezuka Academy meaning they will be able to swim even though the water is too cold in their pool. Rin isn't happy when he finds out his old friends will be joining them for practice.

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In this episode a tale of love as old as time unfolds! Rei and Nagisa! Capulets and the Montegues! ...Wait, what? It's nothing like that at all? Huh... so... we're not modern day Shakespeares with 50% Off a present day retelling of Romeo and Juliet? Huh. Well, agree to disagree.

Sorry, we're a little late on a new episode. Octo was working on a special video for Starbomb and Sparky was taking a nap. But we're back on track and super excited to bring you more content with a super special announcement coming up in a few weeks on our new project! Keep your balls glued to this channel for more news! Your eyeballs!

Haru, Rin - Makoto, Nagisa, Rei - K/Gou - Miss Miho - Seijuro - Coach Sasabe - Nitori -

As always 50% Off! is produced and written by Octopimp and SparkytheAndroid as a parody of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. If you want to watch Free! head on over to:

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