"Ayyo, homeboy look like Shark Week. I ain't messin' wit dat." -Nagisa

Breaking and Entering
Season 1, Episode 3
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Release Date August 28, 2013
Episode Length 2:54
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Late For Anime School Taking the Fall 

Episode SummeryEdit

Makoto and Nagisa chat on the roof of the school and Nagisa mentions they're going to distory the old swim club. They decide to go check it out. Haru agrees to go along with them after being reminded there will be a pool. The swim club bring back memories for both Makoto (a sad, "hot" young-Haru) and Nagisa (police sirens). 

Nagisa presents them with the drugs he brought and claims that everything there reminds him of prison. After finding a picture of them as kids, Makoto comments on how crazy it would be if they ran into Rin. Who then shows up.

Nagisa tries to ditch Haru and Makoto for Rin, but is ignored in favor of taunting Haru. He challenges him to a race but unfortunately the pool has been drained. Rin tosses their old swim trophy and leaves. Haru later comments that it was all like a dream, only to have Makoto argue that it wasn't because they were arrested for breaking and entering. Luckily, Easter Dave bailed them out although Nagisa says that it isn't such a good thing to owe him a favor.

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THE NEXT EPISODE! What will the gang find in their old hideout?

I really tried to step up my editing game here, I hope it shows c:

This is a parody of FREE! Iwatobi Swim Club made by myself and my friend sparkytheandroid, if you wanna watch FREE! go check it out on crunchyroll:

Voices are myself and sparkytheandroid

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