"I always thought swimming was kinda like doing somebody. You dive in, flop around a bit, and then you either get "boo'd" or somebody gives you a medal." - Haru

Season 1, Episode 1
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Release Date August 19, 2013
Episode Length 0:54
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Late For Anime School

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Haru contemplates his views on swimming while being watched by friends Makoto and Nagisa. Makoto lets slip that he is attracted to Haru. After exiting the pool, Haru and friends are approached by Rin who foreshadows their canon relationship.

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WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT? More episodes in the coming week. The format will be little snippets from each episode starting with the first.

(Spoilers, obviously)

This is a parody of FREE! Iwatobi Swim Club made by myself and my friend sparkytheandroid, if you wanna watch FREE! go check it out on crunchyroll:

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