"Do it! Do it! Swim! Swim very hard and very fast!" - Rei cheering for Haru

Bad Blood
Season 1, Episode 17
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Release Date May 27, 2016
Episode Length 6:57
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The Iwatobi boys prepare for their swimmeet. Nagisa and Makoto argue about what to use their prize money on while the Harus discuss why they're going to race Rin. One explains that this time, it's personal.

After Miho deprecates them, they follow Gou to scoop out the competition. The usual banter follows, Gou drools over all of the exposed muscle and Haru ditches them. He finds Rin in the locker room singing Bad Blood by Taylor Swift. Embarassed, Rin tells him that he was actually singing the Samazuka Fight Song. After a brief conversation, Rin leaves laughing. True to his word, he beats Haru in the race and confirms that he is part shark.

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Our boys finally make it to the swim meet, but what will happen between Rin and Haru...and Haru.....and Haru.........and Haru?

Haru, Rin - Makoto, Nagisa, Rei - K/Gou - Nitori - Seijuro -

As always 50% Off! is produced and written by Octopimp and SparkytheAndroid as a parody of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. If you want to watch Free! head on over to:

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