"I wouldn't worry. Haru and Makoto are fine. They're just too dumb to die. They're probably off on the other side of the island, yucking it up like the dimwits they are." - Nagisa

Probably Just A Typo
Season 1, Episode 15
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Release Date November 1, 2015
Episode Length 7:29
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Only God Can Judge Dirt Brain

Episode DescriptionEdit

Nagisa retrieves Rei's kick board and attempts to cheer him up by telling him that the others are too dumb to die. The scene cuts to Haru and Makoto, on the other side of the island. Haru attempts to make conversation with Makoto but it doesn't improve the situation. After asking Haru to shut up, Nagisa and Rei find them.

Rei apologizes to Makoto for getting into danger but is forgiven. Nagisa makes a bad pun and afterward all jokes are followed by a laugh track. They come across a building marked "Camp Killateen Frighthouse" but Makoto assures them all that it's probably just a typo. They enter the lighthouse and Nagisa has them split up checking parts of the building. Rei protests having to check the refrigerator because he read a case where a murderer stored body parts in his fridge. He's pressured into openning it but it is empty.

Later, Nagisa explains that they're currently in a bottle episode and what that means. He gets increasingly annoyed by thier questions and his scream of frustration is so loud that it wakes Rin.

They roll a "decision cube" which causes the Harus to argue with one another until Haru has a scary flash back to the Halloween special. Rei tells them his "tragic backstory" about being bullied and pranked as a child. Makoto tries to tell his tragic backstory but no one cares. He insists that they get some sleep. Rin sees them swimming back the back morning and is upset that they had a bottle episode without him.

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Sometimes you wake up and you're like "Man when the hell did it get to be Halloween?" and you realize you didn't plan a costume at all, so you run to your local Target but all the good costumes are sold out. You throw something together, but you know that everyone at the party is gonna have a great costume and you'll look like a damn fool. Where was I going with this? Anyway, watch this episode.

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